What does space have to do with my day-to day life?

  • Many of the advances that Canadians take for granted have come from space research and technology. For example, air conditioning, MRIs, advances in smoke detectors, memory foam and microwave ovens all were developed or advanced by space research.
  • Leads to better telecommunications and Internet, connecting Canadians, including those in rural and remote communities, to each other and to the world.
  • Allows us to keep an eye on our weather, oceans, forests, wetlands and farmlands from space, providing early warning of natural disasters and providing data to help monitor the effects of climate change.
  • Enables us to monitor our borders, maritime approaches and Arctic, so Canada can be defended and its sovereignty protected.
  • Space research has advanced medical science including vaccines and osteoporosis treatment. Canada’s own Canadarm space robotics have been adapted to perform previously impossible brain surgeries.
  • Space now touches the lives of Canadians 20 to 30 times a day — from weather predictions, to using an ATM, to checking a map on a smartphone, to downloading movies, to ground and air traffic management. Tomorrow’s advances — autonomous cars, smart cities, advanced autonomous AI and robotics – will be propelled by space science and technology.