Where does Canada rank in terms of investing in space, relative to other countries?

  • Unlike other countries that have been increasing their investments in space, Canada has faced declining investment for many years.
  • According to the latest figures, whereas in 1992, Canada was 4th in spending as a share of GDP among G7 countries, by 2016 Canada was last, tied with the United Kingdom (the UK will not remain at the bottom of the ranking, it has recently turned around years of neglect with a strong reinvestment in its space program).
  • If we look at investment across all spacefaring countries, in 1992, Canada was ranked 8th in spending as a share of GDP; by 2016 we had fallen to 18th, behind Luxembourg, the USA, France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia. Looking forward, that downward trend is projected to accelerate, based on known plans and Government spending.