What does it mean when people say Canada is a leader in space?


Canada has world-leading expertise in satellite telecommunications, Earth observation, space robotics and sensors, optics and vision systems, and space science instruments and research.
Feeding these areas of specialization are capabilities such as advanced manufacturing of space hardware, including the design and construction of satellites and spacecraft subsystems, components, materials, and equipment; the design, construction and operations of complex satellite data processing systems; space and satellite operations and services and related applications and analytics; as well as space systems design and integration.
Canada’s space industry has consistently been the most export-oriented space sector in the world, wisely leveraging strategic government space investments into commercial business opportunities.
Canada’s space ecosystem is further fueled by internationally recognized expertise in space science, astronomy, research, engineering and space law at post-secondary institutions across the country.
Canada’s space sector includes some of our most innovative companies, universities and research institutions and employs our brightest minds, creating…

  • $5.5 billion (revenue)
  • 10,000 direct jobs — 41% with university degrees
  • 22,000 indirect jobs
  • $2.3 billion (contribution to GDP)