Why does this campaign exist?

  • Because, after years of inaction by previous governments, if Canada does not take action soon, we will be letting go of…
    • Our country’s position as a leader in satellite communications, Earth observation, space robotics, space science, optics and sensors;
    • our 60-year legacy in space;
    • our vibrant and innovative space sector with its important economic and scientific contributions and employment for some of our brightest young engineers, scientists and mathematicians;
    • the beloved Canadarm program (92% of Canadians say “when I think about or see the Canadarm, I feel proud”); and
    • the exciting opportunities of the new space economy. The global space market is worth over USD $380B today; analysts forecast it will grow to be a multi-trillion-dollar market in coming decades.
  • Because when it comes to space, Governments have to lead.
  • Because if we let go of our space sector, it won’t be coming back.
  • Because it’s time for bold vision and wise choices.